I don’t like it. Maybe I will warm up to that title, but for some reason it doesn’t sit well with me.

In my humble opinion, it carries baggage. Negative baggage.

It seems to imply that you are alone, but I don’t feel alone. I am grateful to my network of friends and family that surround me supporting me during this season of my life.

I have an amazing Nanny and friend that my kids love. It takes a pretty special person to show up at someone’s house at 6am…and greet the kids when they wake up, feed the breakfast, and get them dressed for the day. She is special!

So, I don’t feel “single”.  I feel more intentional in my motherhood than I ever have before.  I embrace it and take it seriously.

What are your suggestions? Have any new terms for “Single Mom”? I’m thinking “Professional Mom”, but I’m open to your suggestions.

UPDATE:  PRO-MOM it is!!!  Thanks to J.C. Larimore…my lifetime pastor!

Get it…short professional and double meaning…I am for moms…empowering and encouraging.  PRO-MOM…with a hot pink superman style logo…oh yeah…I feel a theme and a website coming!