Maybe you’ve noticed this too…that the things you get in trouble for as a kid…end up being what you get paid for as an adult.

Maybe you drove your mom crazy by catching bugs…and now your a scientist…or you  drew on your bedroom walls…and now your an artist.

For me  I may not Scrapbook or bake Apple Pie from scratch…but I sure can talk.

I used to get in trouble for talking at school…now my job is to use my words to encourage you…and I love it.

That’s what I call letting your light shine.

Maybe your parents sang “This Little Light of Mine” to you when you were a child.  I remember vividly singing this song in Sunday School and loving all the motions.

Don’t Hide it under a bushel NO!  I’m going to let it SHINE!

Don’t let Satan blow it out NO!  I’m going to let it SHINE!

So many of us let circumstances stop us from shining…money, family responsibilities, debt.  I want to encourage you not to let those things stop you, and to Let Your Light Shine anyway!

I believe that every life has a gift and a purpose.  A special skill that God gives us so we can give it to others.  And as a parent I feel strongly that part of my job is to help my children find that “light” their “special skill given by God” and help them SHINE brightly.

I also want to encourage you to do the same.  Shine My Love!  Share your stories here on how you let your light shine…or how you want to.