Bad Hair Days, Good Hair Days, what about no hair days? As a woman hair can be so defining, but what if you lost it all?  What if you were bald at 22 years old?  Would you still feel beautiful?

Kayla Martell does.  She’s 22 years old, and competing this week for the Miss America title.  She’s Miss Delaware.  She’s been bald since she was 11 years old.  She has alopecia areata, a rare condition that results in unexplained hair loss. But that’s not stopping her from competing for her lifelong dream.

She wears a wig in competition, but not at home.  “When I’m home with my family, I’m always without my wig — that’s who I am,” She told

Maybe it’s that confidence that gives her  True Beauty.  Her story reminds me that no matter what problems you have, what mistakes you have made, they only limit your future if you let it.

Tell me about the most beautiful person in your life…

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