If you’ve ever doubted that God can change your life…just look at the story of Homeless former radio announcer, Ted Williams.

Just a couple days ago he made his living by standing on the side of a road in Ohio holding up a piece of cardboard that said, “I have a God given gift of voice and have fallen on hard times…”

He had a drug and alcohol problem and lost his family and his job.  He lost everything, but someone cared anyway.  A newspaper reporter that passed by him decided to document Ted’s story.  He took a video, put it on the local newspaper’s website ,and it went viral.

Now he has job offers from the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NFL!  He credits his new found relationship with God for the turnaround.  All because someone stopped to care and this homeless man dared to believe in a God you can’t see.

It’s a modern day Good Samaritan Story.   A real story of redemption.  Second Chances.

It reminds me that no matter how bad things get, God is still able to turn it around.  And that everyday people like you and me can be used God to give those second chances away.

What second chances has God given you?  Tell me about it by commenting on this blog…

Makes you think twice next time you drive pass someone holding up a cardboard sign.