I feel so spoiled sitting inside my warm home with my children safe and sound quietly playing.  I can’t imagine what a mother feels like in Haiti this afternoon.

Just got this email from World Vision.  I feel extremely confident in this charity.  If you’re looking for an organization to donate to to help earthquake victims in Haiti, I can’t recommend them enough.  It just took a few minutes to donate online this morning.  It’s the least I can do.

World Vision is rushing emergency supplies to thousands of people left homeless by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti. Staff on the ground fear hundreds, or even thousands, dead and injured.

Your help is needed now! World Vision is distributing emergency survival kits — including food, water, blankets and tents — to provide immediate aid to affected children and families. We are also providing emergency health services to the injured.

Please donate now to help us meet the urgent needs of Haiti’s earthquake survivors. And please join us in prayer for hurting children and families in Haiti.

Substantial casualties feared after 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti.
REUTERS/Reuters TV, courtesy of Alertnet.org

Help Now

Serving Him,

/s/ Rich Stearns
Rich Stearns
President, World Vision U.S.

P.S. Please rush your gift today and give the survivors hope for tomorrow.