Sick Days and Swine Flu Vaccines

Are you getting the flu vaccine?  Are you vaccinating the kids.  That’s the big question on our minds right now as Swine Flu or H1N1 vaccines are beginning to arrive in states today.  They will go to health care workers first, than the most at risk (pregnant women and young children). Last night on CNN Dr. Oz says it will probably be 3 weeks before the bulk of the population is able to get one.  If you’re still trying to decide whether or not it’s the right thing to do this interview might help.

Watch the Video Here

alot of people are still split on whether or not to get
the h1n1 vaccine.
people think it’s not a big deal.
just like a governmernt warning us about an oncoming hurricane.
sometimes the hurricane misses, sometimes it’s hit.
but you have to prepare.
Only 40% of adults say they will get the vaccine.
you risk exposing those most at risk.
When and where we can get it.   3 weeks away for us  gives you info on where they will be giving the shots
but you have to call.
Dr. Oz says 1/2 will get the swine flu.
pregnant 6 times greater chance of dying from swine flu.
pregnant women and children will be getting the first doses.

Dr. Oz says alot of people are still split on whether or not to get the h1n1 vaccine. Don’t believe the hype?  Dr. Oz says it’s just like the government warning us about an oncoming hurricane.  Sometimes it misses, sometimes it hits, but you have to warn people and people have to prepare for the worst.  He says it’s possible that half of all Americans will get the Swine Flu.  A recent poll found that 40% of adults in America plan to get the vaccine.   Dr. Oz says that pregnant women are the most at risk. They have a 6 times greater risk of dying from swine flu.

If you want to get the Swine Flu Vaccination the best way to find one is to go online to your doctor’s website.  Here are some more sites that will help:

Adventist Health Care

Find a location near you, and call ahead of time to make sure they have the shots and will be giving them to the public.