No Problem Sister

As a working mother with 2 young children there are times that I need help…and I’m no stranger to asking for help…or offering it to my friends.  I don’t believe in pretending that you have it all together.  I believe in just putting yourself out there and being honest when things go awry.   I was inspired by a speaker at my TimeOut Mom’s Group at my church.  Ellie Lofaro from Reston, spoke to us about becoming a “no problem” sister.  Her idea is to say “no problem” when a friend asks you to watch her kids so she can run an errand.  And hopefully when you need a break or a shoulder to cry on she will say “no problem” back to you.  Imagine what a community we could create if we all said “no problem” to each other…

Date Check

Worried about your daughter dating?  Dating yourself and want to make sure your man is a winner?  Want to check up on your date?  There’s an app for that!

Part of Apple’s quest to solve all of life’s problems now includes an application called “Date Check” for your iphone that will allow you to do background checks and even can assess your compatibility, and a potential date’s net worth,!

If this was around when I was a child, my father never would have let me out of the house!  If this was around when I was looking for a husband would it have said my husband and I were compatible?  Hmm…

Big Baby Boy

Big baby: The heaviest newborn ever recorded in Indonesa (right)

This big bouncing baby boy gives a whole new meaning to those growth charts at your Pediatrician’s office. Yesterday, a woman in Indonesia gave birth to a baby boy weighing 19.2 pounds!

He is the heaviest newborn ever recorded in Indonesia.  And yes, he was born by Caesarean section.  His name is “Akbar” which means “big” in Indonesian.

Surprisingly, he’s not the heaviest baby ever born!  The Guinness Book of World Records says that honor belongs to Anna Bates who gave brith to a baby weighing 23.12 pounds in 1879.

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