National Child Passenger Safety Week

Woman buckling her child into carseatExperts say 80% of the car seats we install are done incorrectly?  How do you know if yours is safe?  There are professional car seat installation folks that will help you in your county.  Here is a list of counties in our area that can help!

National Child Passenger Safety Website

Montgomery CountyPrince GeorgesFairfaxHowardD.C.Anne ArundelLouden

Lead Laced Bags

Your purse could be dangerous for your kids.   This new website tested 100 bags and found that 75 of them contained lead.  Two-thirds contained more than the maximum amount of lead allowed in products made for children…because products for adults don’t have to meet the same safety standards, but they can still be very dangerous for small children and babies who play with and teethe on mommy’s bag.  The worst offender in the study was an orange bag from Nine West.

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