Daddy’s and Daughters

You gotta love that sweet relationship between a father and his little girl.  To my daughter, Emily, (3) Daddy is a rock star!  She jumps up and down waiting for him to get home.  She cherishes anytime she can go somewhere with him in “Daddy’s truck” and have what they call special “Daddy and Emmie” time.  I’m convinced that little girls need their Daddy time.  When my daughter is with Daddy she is more brave, bolder, and more confident in herself.  Plus Daddy’s don’t have as many rules that Mommy’s have.  And every once in a while that’s okay!  Daddy’s are the best example for a child to understand how God loves them.  No matter what, a Daddy’s love is there.  Just like God.

I was inspired this morning from this video.  It’s from a Phillies game last night.  A Dad caught a ball in the stands and turned around and sweetly gave the precious souvenir to his little girl, but she threw it back!!!  And he hugged her and loved her anyway!  LOVE IT!