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Majoring on Motherhood without Minoring on ME!
Don’t be “Just a Mom”. We have been “hired” by God to raise our children! Join us in becoming Professional, Competent and Polished Mothers…
Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs at the days to come.

Majoring on Motherhood without Minoring on ME!  Don’t be “Just a Mom”.  You have been “hired” by God to raise your children! Today we talked with the co-founder of a website to encourage working and stay at home moms.  It’s called “”  They break it down into 3 different areas:  Professional, Competent and Polished Mothers.  They have practical advice and tips on how to embrace motherhood instead of just survive it by aprroaching it as a career.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

Being a Mom is a Nobel Profession, but one that goes unnoticed and much of the time we feel like it has no purpose. Moms often feel out of control and defeated from the battles of the day. They tend to feel more confined and trapped by their role as a mom, and oftentimes feel like they have left themselves somewhere in the life they had before they entered this thing called “childrearing”. It is as if womanhood morphs into motherhood (you were a woman and now you are a mother). We would like to challenge and affirm you with the assurance and the reality you can be both successfully!

Moms play the part of a chauffeur, gardener, family counselor, maintenance woman, housekeeper, dog trainer, cook, errand runner, bookkeeper/budget manager, interior decorator, caterer, dietitian, secretary, and hostess, not to mention the duties and commitments outside the home. On any given day of the week, moms multitask any number of these roles simultaneously.

We don’t know about you, but we do many of the tasks on the list above on a regular basis as moms, even if it is simply chauffeuring kids to school each day… At times the “full time job” motherhood is overwhelming and seems meaningless, so we wanted to take this “position” of motherhood to a more established level…even if it still goes without compensation. Join us in taking on the challenge of not just being moms, but being a competent, professional and polished mom.


Competent is defined as “having the necessary ability, knowledge or skill to do something successfully.” As with any full time position, there needs to be some awareness of the task at hand. As moms, you can feel a bit insulated from the world. Home is often the “office,” and you can work with your robe on if you feel like it. Though this seems like a luxury to some, others feel a bit isolated and out of touch with the events and happenings in the world around them. Competent moms, whether at home full time or not, keep up with current events and pressing issues in their community. They strive to make an impact, not only on their children, but the world around them.


Professional is defined as “engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.” As moms, we do not get paid monetarily, but our payment comes in improved report cards, potty trained toddlers and a dog that scratches at the door to go outside (to name a few). If we take a moment to see our “job” as a full time profession instead of something we have left the professional world to do, then the benefits and compensation become more apparent. Maybe not immediately or where anyone else can see them, but we see them and they are sweet because they last a lifetime. Even if you have a profession in addition to motherhood, know that you are doubly employed and you have an equal opportunity to practice “professionalism” in the home as well as in your career!


Polished is defined as “refined, sophisticated or elegant”. This is an area that mom’s so often put on the back burner. Often when we strive to be competent, and professional mothers, we forget to allow room to be polished as well. The little time we get for ourselves is often found sitting in the carpool line (if the toddler is in the back seat is sleeping), checking our email while our children nap or escaping to the bathroom for some “alone time” only to hear a knock on the door followed by “mommy, can you put more batteries in my Leapster when you’re done.” This does not constitute “time for us,” and this certainly does not allow a mom to feel polished, no matter how professional or competent. Mom’s have to be proactively polished…the opportunity to feel and be polished does not come without a full on five pronged attack in the areas of personal care, girlfriend time, spiritual devotion, free time, and fun. When you find the time and proactively allow for these areas in your life, you begin to realize that in addition to being a mom you are also a woman and the two do not have to be exclusive from one another.

“The Lost Symbol”

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: Download Cover

The author of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown’s,  new book is set here in D.C.  It’s called “The Lost Symbol”….and features The Capitol building, US Botanic Garden, and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria.  The Book is being released today.  And Destination DC has launched a web page to help you tour the sites from the book here.  You can plan your own Dan Brown-inspired adventure in DC online here:

Some of the local sites in the book:  US Capitol, George Washinton Masonic National Memorial, House of the Temple (Scottish Rite Headquarters), US Botanic Garden, Washington Monument, Statue of Albert Pike, International Spy Museum, Mount Vernon, and National Museum of Women in the Arts.