National Day of Service and Remembrance

It’s the 8th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9-11 today.  In observance the date on the calendar is now officially called the “National Day of Service and Remembrance”.  The mission is to “honor the victims of 9/11 and those who rose to service in response to the attacks by encouraging all Americans and others throughout the world to pledge to voluntarily perform at least one good deed, or another service activity on 9/11 each year. In this way we hope to create a lasting and forward-looking legacy — annually rekindling the spirit of service, tolerance, and compassion that unified America and the world in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.”  The website even has ideas for you to do today.

911 Day of Service Official Website

Motivating your Kids to do Well at School

Now that our kids have survived the first few weeks of school, it’s time to get serious on school work.  How do you motivate your children to do well at school?  How did your parents motivate you?  We heard from some parents that won’t allow their children to get their driver’s license unless they’re on the honor roll.  Others reward them monitarily by paying for good grades.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Video Contest

Want your kids and all their friends to go to The Awakening Fest for free?  Find the next Steven Spieldberg in your youth group…and produce a 3 minute  original music video with  the theme “why you want to go to the Awakening Fest”…and you could win 40 tickets for you Youth Group!

Here’s an example of one youth group that produced their own video to encourage kids to go to summer camp.  Look for the celebrity cameo at the end!

Official Rules:

WGTS would like to send your Youth Group to Awakening Festival 2009 where Jeremy Camp, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Remedy Drive and many other artist will be performing live. Here’s how to enter the contest: 1) Create an original music video Theme: “Why you want to go to Awakening Fest” Length: 3 minutes max. 2) Submit video to email Format: mp4 Include: Youth Group name, (1)contact name with phone # and email Deadline: Sunday September 20 @ midnight Only one(1) submission per Youth Group 3) How you win Videos will be shown on WGTS blog Videos will be judged Winning Youth Group will be announced by Scott & Sam (Thursday, September 24) 4) What you win 40 tickets for Youth Group to Awakening Fest 2009