Obssessed with all things Julia

2009_julie_and_julia_wallpaper_002Over the long weekend I finally caught the movie “Julie and Julia” a movie about Julia Child and a woman who decided to cook through her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in a year and blog about it.

I expected it to be funny, I had no idea I would be so inspired!  I walked out of the movie theater with the realization that I can be comfortable in my own skin.  If Julia could be comfortable in her 6’2″ frame in the 1950’s, and perservere for 8 years for her first cookbook to be published, than I too can proudly balance work and being a mother of 2.  There’s hope for us all.

I also left the theatre wanting to cook her  “Boeuf Bourginon”.

You gotta check out the movie than go to see her kitchen at the Smithsonian American History Museum!

Bon Appetit! Julia Child Online Exhibit.

Space Butterfly

SNN1027AA-280_885188aThis  image was released today taken by the Hubble Telescope in space.

It’s called the Space Butterly.

It’s a picture of vast streams of gas racing at over 600,000mph from a dying star.

To me, it’s a beautiful painting by God on the canvas of Space!