First Day of School

My little girl is growing up.  My 3 1/2 year old daughter, Emily, started preschool today.  She picked out her outfit the night before by trying them on and modeling for the family.

She said, “Mommy announce me!”  So I had to go downstairs and yell, “Announcing Princess Emily Kathryn’s first day of school outfit #1!”  Then she proudly pranced down the stairs with such confidence!

I love that about her.  She never has any doubt in herself.  She truly believes she is a princess that has all the possibility in the world.  She helps me look at myself without self doubt.  I’m supposed to be an example to her, but she is an example to me.

On the way to school she sang a little song saying…”school is fun!  I’m going to school!”  She’s so brave.  Not scared at all.  Facing an unknown she embraces it with excitement and joy.  Again she’s an example to her mommy!

She bodly walked down a little stone path with her polka dot umbrella and her pink backpack with butterflies and her name embroidered on the back.  She swung open the door as if to announce “Princess Emily has arrived!” to her teacher.  She didn’t look back at me once.  She hung up her backpack and obeyed her teacher to wash her hands immediately (thanks to H1N1), and I caught her glancing at herself in the mirror above the sink.

She smiled.  I cried all the way to the car.

…Than I uploaded pictures to Facebook from my iPhone…