Michael Vick, the NFL player that spent 2 years in jail for running a dog fighting ring is getting a major second chance. He’s out of jail and has been reinstated by the NFL and will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Last night, he was on 60 Minutes talking about his second chance and his faith: Michael Vick:

“I just reached the point of my career where I totally lost touch with my Lord and Savior…I thought I could do it on my own…and uh…I couldn’t…I had to resurrect that back into my life.”

Reporter James Brown:  “You know most people who get in trouble all of a sudden they find God…and you say?” Michael Vick:  “The only way I made it through Prison…the only way I could live life is having faith and believing in a higher power.

Some are still skeptical of Michael Vick’s second chance…and understandably so.  Some say he doesn’t deserve it.  But, it’s not up to us to judge who is and who isn’t “worthy” of a second chance.  It’s not about does he or doesn’t he deserve it.  He still a child of God. I’m so glad that God’s not skeptical.  I’m so thankful that he always forgives…always loves…always gives us a second chance.

Here’s the full interview from CBS “60 Minutes”