I wonder how Sascha and Malia woke up their Daddy this morning?  It is his Birthday!

President Obama celebrates his 48th Birthday today.  Lots of DC area restaurants are giving away free food.  Dominoes in D.C. is giving away free Chocolate Lava Crunch cake if you say “Happy Birthday!”.  But, it’s only in D.C. and only for carry out.  Nationwide if you have a Birthday in August you can get a free cake from Dominos on your birthday.   Yummmm.

At Z-Burger...when the store opens at 10:30am the first 48 customers in line will get gift certificates good for 48 burgers and 48 milkshakes.  And for lunch (11am-2pm) they’re giving away free burgers and birthday cake for all customers.  Today they’re launching their new “Obama Burger.”

But, I’m wondering what Sascha and Malia are doing for their Daddy today.  Did they make him a cake?  Did they make something homemade like a picture of their family in front of the White House?  Does he put it in a frame in the Oval Office?

My husband, Greg, always says his gift is me not spending any money.  So he always ends up with a handmade gift and his favorite dinner.

What about you?  What do your kids get (or make) Daddy for his Birthday?