I’m 33 years old.  Today he’s 60, but I still call him “Daddy”.  

I will never be too old to say “Daddy I need you.”

He’s the first person I call when there’s great news.

He’s the first person I call when the news is grim. 

I rarely hear his voicemail.  I always get his voice.  

He is an employer to hundreds, a deacon and man of faith at his church, a leader of a hospital board  that brings healing to thousands.  But, I still feel he puts the most importance on his family.  Caring for his wife and his daughters.  And that’s no secret to his friends and coworkers.  When he’s in an important meeting at church, work, with the hospital board, or rounding hole #18 on the golf course…if my sister and I call…he stops everything to make sure we’re okay.

Just as I imagine my heavenly father does for me when I call out to Him in prayer.  Drops everything to listen.  

My Daddy, has accomplished exactly what God asks every father to do.  To be a good example of our Heavenly Father. He is a compassionate man, ready to extend grace to us when we fall, but setting high expectations for us to succeed.  

My Dad always likes to “push”.  Push me to try harder, work harder, and never ever give up.  He loves to tell the story of when he took me to the top of “The Tram” in Jackson Hole, WY.  It’s the most challenging part of the mountain to ski down.  I was probably 12 years old and he had it in his head that I was ready to ski down the black diamond runs with him.  He took me up despite my whining and complaining.  I was scared to death.  But, he kept telling me the whole trip up the mountain that I could do it.  “Come on SOLID (that was his nickname for me)…shake it off he’d say.   I distinctly remember standing at the top of the black diamond run…hardly able to see out of my ski goggles, and watching my Dad ski down ahead of me…yelling “COME ON MANDY!”  I had no choice but to follow him.  After a many falls, I eventually got down to the bottom of the mountain and said what is now infamous in my family, “Daddy, can I do that again?”  

Daddy, Thank you for creating an environment for me to succeed.  Thank you for pushing me beyond what I thought my limits were and always encouraging me to ski down that hill.  You have established a legacy for not just your children, but your grand-children and hopefully great grand-children.

Today on His 60th Birthday….I say to you my Daddy…”Well done my good and faithful servant.”  Matthew 25:21`

Happy Birthday Daddy!