No baby yet!

Lately I feel like a major disappointment.  Everytime I call my friends and family the first thing out of their mouth is…”is it time?”  And my response, “Nope! is such a letdown! 

So here’s the latest.  I’m 39 weeks…3 days to go until my due date of Oct. 20. Yesterday, the doctor said I’m 3cm dialated and 75% effaced.  

I am now working through all the old wive’s tales to try to induce labor.  Walking every day, Eating spicy food (btw:  the volcano taco at taco bell isn’t that spicy), drinking raspberry tea, and other things :-).  I even mowed the lawn this week!  

My prayer is that I am patient in the process, but that the process speeds up!  I’m turning into quite the “pregzilla”

Oh…and we went back to “Andrew Gregory” for the name!  I’m sorry, I know I’m crazy.  Blame it on hormones!  Thank you for your help with the name and your prayers!