37 weeks

37 weeks

What is it about motherhood and pregnancy that makes you feel so invincable?  Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe it’s just because all of a sudden you realize you have no other choice but to be strong for your children.

Yesterday, I did something brave for me, and had a professional photo shoot with my bare pregnant belly.  I’m typically pretty shy of taking pictures of myself especially when I feel well…as large…as I am.  But, when friend and fellow Vienna Mom Club member, Emily Korff, of VeraLana Photography brought up the idea, I went for it.  And I’m so glad we did it!  I will never forget the experience.  I felt beautiful.  I felt special.  I felt powerful to be a mama!  

Emily Korff is one powerful mama herself.  She is an inspiration.  She has 2 beautiful daughters (Vera and Lana) and has created her own professional photography business.This weekend she celebrated moving into her own professional photography studio in Vienna! It’s a big step and I am so excited for her!  She is an inspiration to us all.  If you’ve ever wished and hoped to take your creative talents and turn it into a business, she is a great example.  She is diving in!

I think that’s all it takes sometimes.  A brave plunge.  A step where failure isn’t an option, so success is the only outcome!

So congratulations to Emily Korff and her VeraLana Photography studio!   I’m curious, what would be your brave plunge?

Celebrate the Bellies!