Saw this tonight while surfing around for some baby gear at  I was looking for a backpack/sling to carry enough stuff for 2 kids instead of just one, and I stumbled upon this new product.  The Daddy Diaper Vest!  Here’s what the website said about it: 
DadGear Diaper Vest - Blue (XXL) - Dad Gear, LLC  - Babies"R"Us

“DadGear introduces the Diaper Vest. This wearable diaper bag is the hottest innovation in parenting gear since the diaper bag itself. Our revolutionary twist on the traditional diaper bag sets the standard for our “hands free” line. Combining comfort and style, you can change, feed, and entertain your child with ease and no one will be able to tell you are wearing your diaper bag. We have strategically placed pockets for all of the baby-care essentials that a diaper bag would hold. The Vest is constructed with high quality materials for ultimate durability and longevity. It is better looking than most fleece vests available in sporting goods stores but with specific functionality for carrying all of your essential dad gear. This Vest even comes with a slim design changing pad included in a hidden pocket on the back of the garment.”

Here are some more pics of the Daddy Diaper Vest in use:
DadGear Diaper Vest - Blue (XXL) - Dad Gear, LLC  - Babies"R"UsDadGear Diaper Vest - Blue (XXL) - Dad Gear, LLC  - Babies"R"Us
They also have a full fleece with sleeves.  Is it me or is this funny?  Would your man really wear this???? 
I can just imagine Greg and I out and about in D.C. this fall with Emily and Andy; poop happens and he whips out some wipes from his breast pocket…a diaper from the inside waist pocket…and says…”babe, I got this one.”