Our neighborhood grocery store, Safeway, got this brand new grocery cart for kids that I am SO LOVING!  It’s a little car WITH A TV for kids that plays cartoons!  Unbelievable.  We discovered it today. 

New shopping cart with tv for kids at Safeway by you.

Here’s a picture from “mom view” you can see Emily watching a cartoon on her tv.  There’s also a screen for the mom.  I chose between three cartoons for her…Dora, Backyardigans, and Wonderpets (she watched all 3) and ate cereal, a banana, and drank milk while I shopped.   As I was shopping it displayed recipes and somewhat annoying food commercials…but hey…my child was QUIET in the store which is a downright miracle.  Genious!  I spent more time and more money because my child was actually behaving in the store.   I could just kiss the person that invented it!

New shopping cart with tv for kids at Safeway by you.

Only one problem.  LOVE the fact that they thought of a cupholder for my Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino with whip, but here’s no place for a purse/diaper bag.  So smart…but yet such an important component is missing.  HELLO?  Focus Groups…market testing anyone???

Oh…also, they won’t let you take it outside. So after you checkout you have to put the groceries in a regular cart, move your kid, and than put the tv cart away.

Still worth it. Anyone else seen these?

For my Fairfax area friends, I found the cart at the Safeway on Lee Hwy and Nutley!

UPDATE:  I just had a thought…how long until we have the same technology attached to STROLLERS!  Yes!  GRACO…are you listening?