One of my favorite Olympic moments so far…

Former President George Bush meets with Sada Jacobson, left, Becca Ward and Mariel Zagunis after the Fencing Women's Individual Sabre medals ceremony. Jacobson wipes away her tears with Bush's handkerchief.
George H.W. Bush congratulating the women’s fencing team for sweeping the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.  He notices Silver Medalist, Sada Jacobson, tearing up…so he reaches into his blazer pocket and offers her his handkerchief. 

Melted my heart. 

My Father always carries a real cotton Handkerchief in his pocket.  My Grandfather did too.  At a moments notice my father is prepared to offer it up to anyone in his presence that might need to wipe a tear.  I’ve benefited from my Dad’s Handkerchief many many times.  

Think I can get Greg to carry one?   Maybe we could all help our men have a little old fashioned chivalry by giving them Handkerchiefs with their initials on them.  Then again that would create even more laundry. 

Actually, right now as I write this, Greg is trying to fix our annoying running toilet…now that is a real man!

Enjoy the Olympics!  I sure am!  But, why am I watching men’s water polo?