So, Emily is screaming for my attention today…but all I want to do is watch The Weather Channel.

I’m a weather geek. Tropical Storm Edouard is coming ashore near Houston, TX today (my former hometown) and strangely I kind of wish I was there; back in my seat in the KSBJ studio reporting on the news, closings, power outages, and watching for flooding.

It seems to just be a big storm.  No major issues, possibly some flooding (which happens pretty much every time it rains in Houston).

I loved being in radio. I loved doing the news. I love being a mom too, but today I’m tuning out the whining and tuning in the weather reports, secretly wishing I was in that reporters place.  Just for today.

Dear Houston friends that read this blog…I would love to see your comments on what the storm is like.  Is it affecting your day, or is it business as usual for you? Are all the local news stations going weather crazy? 

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