I may be in BIG trouble.

Emily is super into Birthdays.  She has a new book about finding a Birthday Cake and she is obsessed.  During bedtime tonight (after reading the book) here is how our conversation went:

Emily:  “Emmie go to the ‘tore (store)…get a cawt (cart)…sit in the big pawt (basket of cart, not child seat)…and get a birt-day cake.”

Me:  “What color cake do you want?”

Emily:  “Pink One”

Me:  “Do you want vanilla or chocolate?”

Emily:  “CHOC-O-LOT….’den (then) get candles…1…2…3…4…and blow on ’em.”  (she wants 4 candles to blow out)

She then proceeds to sing…to herself…”Happy Birthday to Emmie!”

Me:  “Okay Emily, I’ll make a deal with you…you go to bed tonight right away with NO crying…mommy will take you to the store and get a cake.”


BTW:  Her birthday is in February. 

This is NOT a good idea is it?  I have entered the bargaining stage…

Think she will remember in the morning?

UPDATE:  She remembered!  So, we had a “mock” birthday party that night for Emily after dinner. She sang “Happy Birthday” to herself and than dug in.  Craziness.  Here are some pics:

Birthday Cake in August by you.

Birthday Cake in August by you.