So did I tell you I’m in a Rock Band?

Seriously, I’m learning to play the drums.  And that’s kind of difficult given I have a 7 month pregnant belly that sticks out. 

Greg plays the guitar. 

At night after Emily goes to sleep we practice in the basement and play gigs around the country. 

We got “RockBand” …the video game. 

At night, we transform from geeky computer guy and pregnant stay at home mom to rockers who wear leather pants…in the game.  IT’S DONE WONDERS FOR THE FUN IN OUR MARRIAGE.

It’s not like we’re going to go out and see rock bands at night with a 2 year old and another one on the way…but wa can actually be the band in our basement.  It takes us into another world…far away from stock market blues a high pressure job, two year old tantrums and that third trimester pregnancy fatigue. 

Man…I should have bought those leather maternity pants I saw at that second hand store. 

It’s expensive…but STILL CHEAPER THAN MARRIAGE COUNSELING.  Ya gotta get Rock Band.  Imagine what your hubby would say if you bring it up!