Daddy and Emmie


So, we hit a bump in the road with Emily’s “Big Girl Bed”.  The transition from the crib went so smoothly at first.  She’s not getting out of it on her own….but it’s so much harder to get her to fall asleep.  We made the mistake of falling asleep with her.  NOT GOOD.  Now, we have a whole new routine of books and cuddling and prayer with her.  And lately, she only wants Mommy. 

At 7:35pm….Greg tried tonight to help and do the bedtime routine…but she cried off and on for an hour screaming MOMMY!  I finally went up to calm her down, cuddle, read her “tractor” book that she loves…and 30 minutes later I’m still trying to “get away”…but her please of “one more minute mommy” mealt my heart and I stay.

Then, my mommy creative hormone kicks in…a lightbulb moment…I ask her…”do you want me to get you a mommy doll?”  Her eyes lit up, her mouth wide open, “yeah,” she said. 

So, I walked downstairs to dig down in a drawer full of stuffed animals to find one that she’s forgotton about…a big white fluffy bunny struck me as extra “cuddly”.  As I walked back up the stairs I heard her asking, “Mommy….got da Mommy doll yet?” 

I hugged it in front of her…kissed it…and told her it was full of mommy hugs and kisses for her.  She touched the eyes…the nose…and looked at the pink mouth…I told her, “see how the mommy doll as pink lipstick?” 

She grabbed it…hugged it…kissed it…and went to sleep happy.”

It was 8:45pm. 

How are we going to put 2 kids to bed at night??