“You know it’s time for a new alarm clock…when you realize yours has a CASSETTE player!”

I discovered this fact when Emily pressed a button on it…and I heard the “RREEEEEEEEE” noice….she says “mommy what’s dat?” She pressed rewind!  OH NO IT’S A TAPE PLAYER!!!!!

Geez!  How could we allow such low-tech equipment to stay in our high-tech lifestyle? 

It’s an old relic…around since the first few months we got married.  I remember picking it out at the now bankrupt Service Merchandise.  We thought it was so cool because it played nature sounds. We never used that feature. 

We have moved the thing at least 4 times by now!  WHY DO WE STILL HAVE THIS OLD PIECE OF JUNK?!  I guess because it still works!

It’s big.  bulky.  and has a CASSETTE deck…seriously?  I need to run to target to get an ipod docking alarm clock!!!! 


UPDATE:  We are keeping the alarm clock…Greg’s mom says she has a bunch of children’s books on casette.  We may move it into Emily’s room.  And then…see if we look back at our 20th’s Wedding Anniversary and we still have such an “antique”.