It’s official….she’s not a baby anymore.  In order to make room for little Andrew Gregory (coming this October) we moved Emily into her “Big Girl Bed”.  My Dad was visiting and we painted her walls pink over the 4th of July Holiday.  It’s a pink palace and she LOVES it.  She is so proud of herself. 

It was much easier of a transition than I thought it would be.  We involved her in the whole process and explained it MANY MANY times to help her understand what was happening.  She got to help paint the walls (with extreme supervision of course)…she chose where to put things in her closet…and even put her books away in a special place.  She sleeps in her bed the whole night!  I had expected her to get out of her bed and come into our room on her own…but NO!  In the morning she calls for us to come cuddle with her in her “big girl bed!”  So funny.  She is so independent…she is so me.

Her furniture was my first furniture when I was her age.  My parents made a wise decision and bought it from Ethan Allen…so it has withstood the test of time…minus a few scratches here and there.

She’s growing up.  She doesn’t want her dolls in bed with her anymore or her “bubby”  (comfort blanket).  She’s a big girl now…and she can do it herself.  Or as she says,

“Emmie do it own!”

Oh my heart…