My hunch was right!  We are thrilled to announce that we are having a son!  He is perfect.  The doctor says there are no problems, he is healthy and strong!


 We’re thinking of naming him “Andrew” and calling him “Andy”…still working on middle names!


Thank you Father!  You truly spoil your children.  Emily will be enthralled with her baby brother, Andy! 


His Daddy will make sure he has every video game known to man, and his Mommy will give him a tender heart and raise him to become a good husband and father! Is it too much to ask for a football star too?! 


I have thought it was a boy all along…and been nervous about it.  Thinking, “I don’t know what to do with a boy…how do you change a boy’s diaper?!” 


But, when the doctor confirmed it, I cried at the thought of having a son and all that it means.  It’s just so perfect.


I uploaded more ultrasound pictures onto my Flickr account.  Click here for a slideshow of hands, feets, and the boy confirmation! 

It’s amazing to see God knitting together life in the womb.  “Andy” is only 13 ounces…less than 1 pound and already has all his parts!  Seeing ultrasound pictures really makes you appreciate the miracle of life.