We love to get out and play on a Saturday…

Today our friends invited us to go to Claude Moore Colonial Farm. It’s an 18th Century family farm just prior to the Revolutionary War. The year is 1771. A couple times of year they have a “market” with food and fun, just like what you would have seen in 1771. Staff was in period costumes and everything…and the kids had a blast.

I find it so satisfying to see your child happy, running in the grass, with a friend. 

Emily and Evan are such sweet friends. Here is a glimpse of their day on the farm….and fun I had with my new movie maker program during her long nap…and after bedtime.

I highly recommend the place for a day trip with your family! It’s open most days, but they have a few special weekends to check out. The next Market Fair is: July 19 & 20 and
October 18 & 19. Enjoy!