Emily totally poses for pictures now…the “mouth open” look is her favorite.  She’s such a spazz, I love it.  Just like her momma!

My favorite pic of the day. Emily already knows how to do the “sorority girl” pose…arm around me…head tilting towards me.  She looks so much like her Daddy!!

 We chilled out, took it easy, and drove around in my new car!  I picked Olive Garden for dinner because I have been craving their Spaghetti Carbonera…come to find out, it’s not on the menu anymore!  Oh well…

This morning Greg and Emily cooked Daddy’s speciality, French Toast.  That was at 8am.  It’s 9:11pm now and dishes are still in the sink!  But it’s Mother’s Day, I’m not doing dishes!

Mother’s Day Ramblings:

It’s amazing to me to think that 3 years ago I wasn’t sure if I’d ever become a mother.  Now, I have a 2 year old and another baby on the way.  I love my life.  Thank you God!

Love to all my momma friends today!  You inspire me.  I don’t know what I would do without your support, friendship, and shoulder to lean on.  We gotta stick together! 

I hope today you were recognized and appreciated for all the mundane tasks you do, but are beneath your educated mind.  I hope that tomorrow morning after breakfast…when cheerios are scattered across the floor, your coffee is cold, and your laundry pile is slightly stinky that you will smile anyway because you know you are loved.

I love you!