The minister of finance (aka husband) is feeling generous.  It was a rainy Saturday morning and our plans were cancelled.  So we decided to run errands.  We both needed to get Virginia license plates and drivers licenses.  But, we ran into a problem.  My car didn’t pass the inspection

Turns out my car needed $1,500+ worth of repairs in order to pass inspection.  They put this big yellow REJECTION sticker on my windshield!  It was hilarious!  So, Greg  looked at me and said, “well…let’s go car shopping!”

But, there’s a catch.  Greg said, “It’s your choice…if we get a new car today…I’m going to have to take back your Mother’s Day Gift (which I have not seen).”  What is this …the “Let’s Make a Deal” gameshow?!  I laughed at him, rolled my eyes, and said, I’ll pack the cooler, let’s go car shopping.

6 hours and too many too count 2 year old public tantrums later we were back home with a new Burgundy Honda Odyssey in the driveway! I have officially arrived in the club of motherhood…and the big fat REJECTION sticker from the state of Virginia is on my refrigerator! 

Thank you Virginia for rejecting my old car!  Here’s to good times past in my old volvo…and to new family fun adventures in the new Odyssey!  Most of all, thank you God for reminding me how much you like to spoil your daughters.