Mother ProofI’m realizing that my small 2000 Volvo s40 isn’t quite going to cut it when it comes to kid #2. 

One car seat in it with a stroller in the trunk fills it up…how can I get two car seats in the back without having the driver and passenger seats sitting up board straight?!

Time to do 2 things.  Research the scary world of minivans (AHH!) and convince Greg that we need to make the big purchase by the time we have baby #2.  

My car does have 110,000 miles on it. 

In my research I’ve narrowed it down to the Honda Odyssey versus Toyota Sienna.  My two must-have’s:

1. It must have leather seats…because baby puke smell just doesn’t come out of cloth seats. 

2.  I must have a DVD player…for mommy sanity.

I have one other wish, but to my surprise it doesn’t yet exist.  I’d LOVE to have a minifridge in the van!  HELLO?  Why don’t we have that yet?  How nice would it be to have a fridge stocked with sippy cups full of milk, juice, and cheese sticks for those afternoon errands and car rides to Grandma’s house! 

I’ve been googling forever trying to figure out which minivan is the most carseat friendly and found this FANTASTIC website that might help you too!

If you’re in the market, or just in the wishing stage, research the best mom-ride for you at

Here’s what the website says: 

A quest for your quintessential mom-mobile”

“On behalf of all busy moms out there, Mother Proof is on a never-ending quest for your quintessential mom-mobile. We’re searching for vehicles that will make our daily lives of grocery shopping and preschool pickup just a little easier. We want a car that’s easy to load kids into and has seats that hide baby vomit, but will also make us feel sexy and modern while driving it. Oh yeah, if it could also bring about world peace and end hunger, that would be a bonus. On Mother Proof, you’ll find cutting-edge, practical new-car reviews based on what’s important to us as women and mothers.”