I have recently joined the Steering Committe of my church MOPS group, and was so encouraged yesterday by something one of the “mentor moms” had to say, I just had to pass it along.

A “mentor mom” is a “seasoned” mother that has been through the toddler age and is ready to pass along wisdom!  Love that! 

She said she has kept track of her prayers in prayer journals for the past 20+ years…and she’s keeping them as an inheritance for her children.  She checks prayers off as they are answered.  What a legacy!

Someday, she will hand down a stack of journals about everything she prayed about and every prayer that God answered…living proof to her children that God is active in their lives. 

In such a “digital age” where all my “journal entries” are blogs, I was inspired to go back to the old fashioned pen and paper so I too can leave a legacy of prayer for my children.

Can you imagine…Emily one day reading in her old mom’s prayer journals about how I prayed for her health, for her safety,  for her own ministry someday, or for a wonderful loving husband, and children.  Some prayers may be checked off as answered prayer…and then she will be able to check off others herself as they come to pass.

Even after I’m gone…she will feel the legacy of prayer that I have left for her and all of our future children. 

Time to go buy a new journal!  Do they still sell those old fashioned things at the store? 

Video of Emily praying