An inspirational site this afternoon on the sidewalk of our neighborhood.  Diana learned how to ride a bike.

Diana is our new neighbor.  She was adopted from Columbia 2 weeks ago.  She was determined to learn how to ride a bike just like her new big sister, Katie (12). Today, after trying every afternoon since arriving in the USA…she did it on her own!  She is 8 years old.

Emily has been watching this unfold every day. She says, “Emmie want to watch Diana GO!” 

So we have spent many afternoons out on the sidewalk watching Diana’s new mom, Chris, hold her bike…run along with her and help her balance.  Everytime she rides by Emily says….WATCH DIANA GO!!  And claps for her. 

Today was a big celebration.  We walked outside…and there she was no training wheels…flying down the street.  With her new mom following after her in a sprint.  Imagine that mom’s heart.  What an inspiration.  From living in an orphanage…having to wash her clothes on her own by hand…having only one pair of shoes that was too small to call her own.

Today, she had sparkly sandals on and learned how to ride a bike. 

Her mom says, every time they go shopping Diana wants a new pair of shoes.  You go Diana! 

Thought this might inspire you too! 

We take so much for granted.