“It’s not the boys on the football team you want to pay attention to…
it’s the boys that sit next to you in Calculus.” 
-Dave Synder, my stepfather

That’s one of my favorite nuggets of advice from my step-dad, Dave.  His point was not to put down jocks, but to illustrate how there’s more to looking for a mate than finding the hip cool guy that’s good at sports and popular.  In his way, he taught me that it’s important to find a man that can care for you and provide for you.  So what if he runs with the cool group and wears cool jeans?  He also thought that the guys in Calculus had better income earning potential!   He makes a good point.

This weekend, I have been gushing love for my husband.  Not because of some elaborate romantic gesture or piece of jewelry he gave me, but because he’s present and plugged in to the silly everyday normal activities of our family. 

He didn’t complain when our Saturday morning family walk with Emily found a detour through a neighborhood garage sale.  Emily’s adorable nature scored her a free stuffed bunny rabbit and teddy bear from a lovely mom that wanted her to have the precious toys her children used to love.  My bargain hunting purchased a HEAVY bag of solid wood blocks, and an entire children’s full size bedding set from Pottery Barn for $3.  Good thing Daddy brought his wallet.  He generously cut our walk short to carry home our great bounty.  He didn’t mind looking very UNcool while walking home on the popular hike/bike trail carrying a bunny, teddy bear, bag of blocks, and big plastic case full of fairy princess bedding.  Silly me for not bringing the camera along.  Now that is a MAN! 

I gushed again this afternoon watching him play tea party with my daughter and then dutifully obeying her demands for help on putting a real diaper on her little Elmo doll.  Some women may find a well coiffed and well dressed man attractive, but I prefer watching that father of my children  ( an “A” calculus student) put down his video game so he could struggle to fit a size 4 diaper on a small stuffed Elmo on a rainy Sunday afternoon at home.  You should have seen Emily beaming with delight.

Now that is a MAN!