I went outside this morning in my usual routine…feed dogs, get newspaper, wave at neighbor walking by.

Today as I hit the door, spring hit me in the face…the nose actually.  It was just about to rain.  A few drops stained the concrete sidewalk…and the smell of impending rain…fresh…clean…ahhhhhh…SPRING! I will open the windows and listen to it poor over us.

 “Oh how I love the smell of spring rain.”

Water the earth today God…wash us clean…refresh us…oh do I need it! 

I took Emily outside when she woke up all cuddled in her blanket to smell the air and she immediately said “Mommy rain!”  It’s just barely sprinkling, but she felt it too.  I told her smell the air and said, “God is making it rain to water all the trees and flowers in your backyard…did you know that?”  She said, “yeah mommy.”  Okay, so my 2 year old now thinks she knows everything.  I thought that was supposed to happen at 13?

 BTW:  I’m learning how slowly spring comes in Virginia versus Texas.  In Texas you have a month of “cool” weather, maybe one night it might get in the 30’s and during the day 50’s, than all of a sudden it’s 80 and you’re wearing tank tops and sweating.    In Virginia, Spring warms up slowly to 50’s and 60’s.  I was like…hey where’s my 80 degree day??  My neighbors tell me that comes in June!