What a serendipitous surprise! 

UPS came to the door today and delivered a homeade pie from Royer’s Round Top Cafe in Round Top, TX (smallest city in the state of Texas)! Just hours after I was daydreaming in a blog about bluebonnets and cherry blossoms

I had recently connected with Bud Royer’s daughter, Tara, (who now owns the bistro her father founded) on Facebook and she sent us a pie!  Not just any pie…but my favorite on the menu…Chocolate Chip Pie! Thank you Tara!  You Rock girl! 

Bud once called into a radio show I was doing after he heard my co-host, Chuck, rave about his eating experience at the cafe, it was a major career highlight to have “Bud the pie man” on the air with us!

Mmmmmm…..I’m taking a yummy gooey bite right now.  It’s like eating a cookie right out of the oven.  Only one problem, I can’t top it with Blue Bell Ice cream since they don’t sell it in Virginia!  Edy’s will have to do. 

Oh this is heaven.  I am home!

Royer’s is the most unique restaurant I’ve ever been to…if you can call it a restaraunt.  It’s more like a big family kitchen with lots of personality, and if you’re lucky you get a table inside! 


 For example, “Bud the pie man” will charge you extra if you don’t get your pie a la mode! One of his creations is the Grilled Shrimp BLT.  Yummy.  They also have a Buttermilk pie with chocolate chips and coconut!  OMG!  Oh and he actually has a listing on his website for the pie of the month club FOR LIFE…for a fee of $10,000.  HAHAHA…wonder if anyone has tried to buy it???  I wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

Royer’s has been featured on the Food Network, and even shipped pies just down the road from here…to the White House!

And you can mail order their pies online!  The next time you have a family holiday event, dinner party, or like me, you are pregnant and craving desert, CLICK HERE!