Yet another “Thought of the Day” inspired by my friend, Chante! 

 She sent me this great article yesterday titled; “What Keeps a Man Crazy in Love?” with her subject line, “Does this stuff really work?”. 

Chante is single, and believing God to be married.  She inspires me to be more intentional in the way I love my husband.  She is amazing on how she prepares herself for marriage by studying, praying, even perfecting her culinary craft.  That is going to be one happy man!  Step on it dude!  Show yourself!  Will you pray along with me for Chante to meet the man that God has picked especially for her?  THANK YOU! 

Back to the Thought of the Day:  “What Keeps a Man Crazy in Love?” I encourage you to read the article from REDBOOK by Susan Korones Gifford.   It has some very smart and simple things that I have already found to work in my relationship.  It even has recipes!  Warning:  there is one racy topic, if you’re squeemish…don’t say I didn’t warn you.  This is not a Focus on the Family article.  🙂 

I will list the headlines and my comments…for details check out the article and as always feel free to leave your thoughts on “What Keeps a Man Crazy in Love?”.  We’d all love to know your secrets!  Spread the Love! 

What Works for me:

Play Poker….but every once in a while let him win!  ha-ha

Give the Perfect Backrub ….this is how I “wooed” him…he says he married me because of the first backrub/head massage I gave him

Tie His Tie for Him…Greg would probably really appeciate this since he hates doing it himself and always looks for my approval.  I am going to practice with the articles tips.

Make a Mean Steak…goes without saying….especially if he has a buddy over and even his buddy loves the steak…than you make him look like a big man in front of his friends…oh yeah…they eat that up.

Have a Conversation with His Boss …I can have the fun and friendly conversation that he can’t….I’m good at this…and he likes it when I make a good impression
Leave Him a Sexy Voice Mail at Work ….as long as he doesn’t check it on speakerphone!
Make Heart-Melting Chocolate-Chip Cookies….YES YES.  my mother’s recipe is the best…get it from her here on her blog

Kick His Style Up a Notch …yes…he wears the outfits I pick out for him…

Not on the List:  Getting involved in Sports with him!  Whether it’s watching the game with him, or going on a jog or bike ride…the sports lovin’ man loves a sports lovin’ woman!

What doesn’t work

Wake Him Up in the Morning…he wouldn’t rather me let him sleep as long as possible…and not wake him up…but he loves it when I have breakfast waiting for him

Give Him a Barbershop Shave…this would totally freak Greg out

Throw Him a Super Surprise Party…no way…Greg would not want a party

Quote at Least Three Lines from The Godfather….it goes without saying for Greg it would be quoting from Star Trek or HAL from Space Odyssey 2001….”I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”