So humor me today.  I am trying something new for a creative outlet and a little adult “conversation” that doesn’t include the topics potty training or sleep.  See this post for explanation

If I was still working….this is how I’d say it: 

So…have you ever been embarassed to admit that you watched a tv show and actually liked it?  I am fessing up to it…I admit it….last night in my boredom I watched the new show on TLC “I Can Make You Thin!”…and I liked it. 

Now, before you go there, no I’m not trying to loose weight while I’m pregnant.  I did however find it interesting and think that it actually help me not gain back the 50 pounds I put on with my first pregnancy. 

It’s ridiculously simple….and it actually made sense.   It’s this British Dude named Paul McKenna.  and he has 4 steps to getting healthy: 

  1. Eat when you are hungry
  2. Eat what you want
  3. Eat consciously
  4. Stop when you are full

Basically, he says, if you pay attention to what you are eating instead of chowing down on a burger in the car…or watching tv while eating…you won’t eat as much and you’ll be able to tell when your body is full.

McKenna recommends taking one bite…putting your fork/spoon down…chewing the bite 20 times savoring it…than do it again…until you feel like you are full.  One bite at a time.  No watching TV, reading the paper, driving, etc.  Just eating.  Nothing else.

I tried it for breakfast and ate half of what I normally do…but really missed reading the paper.

So what do you think?  Did you watch it?  Do you think this British Dude is a crazy?  Or maybe you think I’m crazy?! 

Instead of “calling in” like you used to do….how about commenting below. 

Humor this “career woman turned full time mom”….

BTW:  Here’s a link to the tv schedule if you want to catch the episode on TLC.  I think it’s a series of 5 shows.  The next one is conquering Emotional Eating!  Is there any other way to eat?  HA-HA

Love you! 

Amanda Carroll

(my former alter ego on the air…it’s actually not my real last name…FYI)