I’m having one of those stay at home mommy moments that wants to go back to work for a day or two.  Is that bad? 

 It happens from time to time.  I come across an event in my life or an interesting movie or tv show and I think….”man that would make a great show today.” 

My brain reverts back to when I always lived life looking for the next topic for my afternoon drive radio show (see posts between Feb. 2007-June 2007).  In the biz we called it “Show Prep”.  I was taught a good radio personality turns their personal life into “Show Prep”.  Greg would even be able to spot it.  We’d get ourselves into a silly situation on a weekend out shopping or working on a project together and I’d look at him with a big smile and he would say,

 “This is going to be on your show tomorrow isn’t it?  Just don’t embarass me too much…or talk about it before 5pm so my co-workers don’t hear it on their way home.”

Those “moments” have been happening a lot lately, and then I remember I left my job as a radio personality to be a full time mom last summer  when my employer decided not to allow me to work from home half of the day and come in the office the second half.  It was tough, and sometimes it still is.  Is it okay that I admit that?

Moments like these…

I think about Greg putting together Emily’s swingset during a rain/wind storm because he loves her so much….that would have made a great on-air bit with funny phone calls of listeners who had similar experiences…

I think about the movie recommendation (below) that I just posted and how that could have dove-tailed into a topic on where we get our everyday inspiration to keep on going…

And last night, I watched this crazy show out of boredom called “I Can Make You Thin” on TLC.  Did you see that???  It’s so crazy that it makes sense!  I would SO make that a show today…if I still had that job. 

So…let’s make it a “show” via a blog.  Just humor me.  I need a creative outlet today…and some “adult” interaction!  See this post!