A new website for women has recently lauched.  It’s a smart interesting dialogue, worth checking out on those days when you feel like your brain has turned into mush from taking care of kiddos!  If you find yourself humming “Wheels on the Bus” around the house, you might want to check it out.  It helped me on a day I was feeling like, “what in the world am I doing?!” 


From their “About Us” section:

“WowOwow is a party — disguised as a website — where we meet for coffee (in our robes) and for cocktails (without any makeup) and even in the middle of the night (someone’s always up!). Here, we can talk to our readers, invite the most interesting guests, share experiences, tell tales out of school, exchange gossip and news — and make some of our own.

WowOwow is created, written and owned by Lesley Stahl, Peggy Noonan, Liz Smith, Joni Evans, Mary Wells, Sheila Nevins, Joan Juliet Buck, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Reed, Joan Ganz Cooney, Judith Martin, Candice Bergen, Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner and Marlo Thomas.”

Here’s what you’ll see:

It’s a little basic right now, but looks like eventually it will have some interesting material!