I feel like a real grown up now.  A real parent.  We now have a swing set in the backyard.  It’s a second birthday present for Emily from her Oma and Papa (Greg’s mom and dad).  Emily is on Cloud 9!

Emily was so excited when we picked it up at the store, she kept saying “Daddy Get it”….meaning Daddy got her a swing, which she calls a “Wee-Wee”.  She calls it that because Oma (Greg’s mom) sings a swinging song for her that goes, “Wee-Wee…Wee-Wee…look at Em-i-lee-ee.”

Unfortunately when we got home after picking it up on Saturday, it was raining.  And Emily didn’t understand.  She wanted to go outside and play on it right away! So, Greg did it anyway.  That amazing Daddy, went outside in the rain to put together her new swing set while she watched from the window yelling “Daddy fix it!”  It had only pictures for instructions, no words, and the instructions were getting muddy and wet from the storm.  One of my favorite moments was when Greg took the slide apart and Emily was so upset, “Oh nooooo….broken!” she said.  Then her demands got louder, “DADDY FIX IT!”. 

Poor Daddy.  Here’s a clip to give you a peak at what he went through: 

 Come to find out, lots of us have stories about putting together their child’s first swing set.  My own Dad told me he actually cracked a cap over his tooth while he tried to put my first swing set together.

So, what’s your story? I would LOVE to hear it!  Leave it in the comments section! 

UPDATE:  To answer your questions:  It’s Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set and we got it at Toys R Us!  It was on sale this past weekend…$100 off!  We payed $299.  Warning the assembly directions are TERRIBLE.