Congrats to Whole Foods!  They have decided to completely eliminate plastic bags!  Good for you!  Here’s an article from the Whole Foods Website that explains why and what the big deal is with plastic bags! 

We’re going all out for reusable!

“Paper or plastic?” is soon to be a question of the past at our stores. When you come to shop, bring any bags you have on hand. Really, any bag will do – old, new, paper, plastic, fabric, even backpacks or woven baskets! You’ll feel good about helping our environment and we’ll even give you a refund of at least 5 cents per bag.

Better BagWe make it easy by offering a wide selection of reusable bags for sale at our stores — check out our “Better Bag” — only 99 cents and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Helping the environment in two ways!

Why Eliminate Plastic? Thousands of reasons!

  • It can take more than a thousand years for a disposable plastic bag to break down in a landfill.
  • Most reusable bags can be used thousands of times and there are so many reusable bag options!
  • Thousands of customers and Team Members support our Core Value to “care about our communities and the environment.”

So what about paper?

We aren�t trying to settle the “paper vs. plastic” debate. We say “reuse!” instead. But when you don’t reuse, we provide 100% recycled (and recyclable) paper bags

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Are you still using the plastic grocery bags?  GET WITH THE PROGRAM GIRL!  Make a difference and look fashionable at the same time with my shopping companion of choice:

The Envirosac

I use it at the grocery store, mall, pharmacy….everywhere that I shop, I keep them in my purse and whip them out whenever I purchase a product.  You will LOVE using them! 

Demand that your grocery store give you a discount when you use them too!  Whole Foods does 5 cents per pag…make them match it!  You’re saving them money buy not using their deadly plastic bags!