You go out of town with your child to see friends and family and he decides to turn off the heat completely for a few days to save money…

He wanted to “rough it”.  He didn’t last 24 hours though.  It snowed in Washington D.C. yesterday and the low was in the 20’s.  So last night he broke down and thankfully turned the heat back on.  I was afraid the pipes would freeze! 

Oh, and when he tried to crawl in bed he realized our Temperpedic mattress had gotten so cold it was as hard as a rock.  There’s NASA technology for you. 

I know I give Greg a hard time by teasing him, but I have to admit, this kind of things makes me feel loved in a strange way.  It took me a while to figure why he does these extreme kinds of things, now after almost 8 years of marriage I understand why.  It’s his way of saving resources and sacrificing to provide for his family…what he feels is his greatest calling and purpose. 

By turning the heat off…he’s taking care of me and Emily.   I love my cheap husband.