I can’t live without this Cocoon body wash and lotion for Emily!  I used to buy it at HEB Central Market in The Woodlands all the time.  It’s amazing for Emily’s Eczema, knocks it right out and prevents it from coming back, and it smells so fresh and yummy!  Doctors had me trying all kinds of chemical stuff, but this is PERFECT!

I couldn’t find it in Virginia so I searched for it online, and what a sweet surprise to see a package from The Woodlands arrive at my door full of Cocoon!  Come to find out it’s a local Woodlands company that makes it.  Aha!  That’s why I can’t find it at my grocery store! 

It’s so great….check them out:  http://www.enfusia.com/EnfusiaCocoon.asp

 I even use it for myself sometimes!  Here’s what they say about it online:

“Cocoon’s organic paraben and sufate free gentle body and hair wash is enriched with natural oils and herbal extracts.  Designed for eczema and dermatitis this wash is also great for the whole family.  Cocoon’s delicious scent a combination of organic chamomile, lavendar, and lemongrass organic essential oils was picked by kids.  Cocoon is a treat for the whole family and terffific for problem skin due to it’s gentle non-stripping ingredients.  This all in one organic hair and body wash is a must have.”