…he wears Garden Gloves to keep his hands warm in the winter.

 True story:  We were riding the subway into D.C. recently when I noticed Greg was wearing his garden gloves on a trip to the museum.  I noticed it because when I went to hold his hand…I felt the little plastic nubs on the palm of the gloves. 

Here is how the resulting conversation transpired: 

Amanda:  “GREG?!  Why are you wearing Garden Gloves as winter gloves?  she said, with jaw dropped, and a furrowed frustrated brow…

Greg:  “Why spend the money to buy new gloves when these work perfectly well?”. 

Amanda: “Well, why spend hundreds of dollars on an HD-DVD player and walk around during winter wearing Garden Gloves for warmth?”

Greg:  “That’s why I can buy an HD-DVD player, because I saved money by not buying the w$inter gloves and using my garden gloves.”

Does anyone else see the flaw in this line of thinking?  Or do you think Greg has a point?

Please settle the argument…please!