It is such a beautiful serene site to see everything covered in white. 

We woke up to a dusting of snow yesterday morning, and it just kept accumulating all day!  We have about 3 inches by now, not too bad, just enough to play, sled, build a snowman, and get runny noses! 
We discovered that our front yard is the neighborhood sledding hill.  After the kids got home from school our yard was packed and we loved it!  I even built a snowman with the little girl across the street.  Emily wasn’t too sure about the snow, she eventually warmed up to it when Daddy got home and showed her how to make snow balls.  Enjoy the pics!


Guiliana (neighbor) and I and our first snowman

First Snow Front Yard

Emily standing in our front yard

Emily and her first snow

Emily was a little unsure of standing in the snow


Neighbors, Simon and Miles, with their mom Natasha sledding