The First Frost!

We woke up this morning to a frosted lawn in the Washington D.C. Metro.  Just the sight of it gets me excited for snow.  Looks like I need to go buy a snowsuit for Emmie so when it happens we will be ready to go sledding  We have the perfect little hill in our front yard to slide down. 

We celebrated the colder weather tonight by starting a real fire in our 40 year old fireplace.  No gas logs with the fancy glowing embers in this old house. Greg started the real thing and he was obsessed with it.  Poking it…stirring it…crumpling up newspaper to get it going.  Even Emily got into the act!  She ran to get the paper for Daddy and them helped him crumple it up.  Than Daddy taught her how to warm her little hands at a safe distance from the fire.

Enjoy the pics!

My beautiful family.  She sure looks like Daddy’s little girl!

Warming their hands.  This is at a safe distance Ga-Ga!

Bonus pic: “Mommy’s Little Helper”.  When Ga-Ga bought mommy her new Miele vacuum cleaner as an early Christmas present, the store owner threw in a mini toy vacuum just like mommy’s Miele for Emily.  Everytime I vacuum, Emmie gets to as well!  We do it all the time, since for some reason the previous home owners installed WHITE tile in the entry and kitchen.  I mean…who does that???