The sight to see:  Me running up the street with tall high heeled boots on in the cold rain chasing after our two dogs, Indy and Inga…

Let me explain:

It’s a cold rainy morning in the Washington D.C. area. 

It’s also trash day. 

Early this morning, I lugged our trash out to the street in the cold rain still sleepy…not paying close attention.

I went along with my morning, brewing a fresh cup of coffee and getting dressed while Emily was having breakfast.  I thought I’d try out my new brown leggings and tall brown boots just for fun.  Maybe we’ll go to the mall today and I’ll look nice.

After breakfast, Emily and I went down to the basement to play, and I to write a blog.  Than I heard a knock on my door.  It was my neighbor, “Do you know your dogs are out?! 


When I took the trash out this morning I had left the gate to our backyard open and the dogs escaped. 

She said, “they’re playing in the front yard of someone’s home about 4 houses up the street.”. 

So, she watched Emily while I ran up the street, screaming INDY!…..INGA!  dressed up in my stupid boots because I needed to feel better about myself by wearing ridiculously impractical shoes. 

A sight to see….

Boots are very in for fall by the way. 

UPDATE:  In addition to the boots, I actually put on some fashion jewelry today, a nice brown wooden beaded necklace…which emily just pulled on and broke.

Guess I do need to “dress like a mom”