Emily has a cold. 

It’s your normal runny nose miserable cold (made more complicated since they recalled all the children’s cold medicine).  

And it’s okay.  I didn’t used to feel that way. 

When I was working full-time the simplest of runny noses and/or fevers threw us completely out of whack.  What mother’s know is if a child has a fever or a runny nose…you are on lockdown.  It is socially unacceptable to go anywhere.  For fear of spreading the nasty germs to other children so other mothers will have to be on lockdown too. 

For a working mom it’s even more complicated.  It means the child can’t go to daycare, and you have to take the day off.  That’s what used to throw me completely out of whack.  When Emily got sick, I had to take the day off.  Which meant burning a precious vacation day and leaving my co-host high and dry for that day’s radio show and feeling guilty because I had let my employer down.  Or get my husband to come home from work early so I could make the show, but then feel incredibly guilty because I was working while my child was sick. 

Now, I have no guilt. 

Yesterday, when Emily woke up sick and miserable I spent the whole day without guilt taking the best care of her I could.  Getting the humidifier going, putting baby vicks on her chest, getting fluids in her, and even holding her upright so she could breathe better while she sleeps.  In fact, I slept too.  We took a 3 hour nap together.  I held her the whole time.  It was beautiful.  The last hour I laid awake with her praying. Thanking God for choosing me to be her mother at this time in this way.  Praying for my friends that I miss so much.  Praying for my mom, praying…praying…praying. 

Thank you God for the rest.  I love you.

I have to be honest though, I’m not fully feeling guilt-free today.  It’s the condition of motherhood I guess.  I realized why she got sick.  On Tuesday, I went shopping at Tyson’s Corner (bigger than Houston’s Galleria dare I say) for some winter clothes since I have very little after living in Houston, TX for 8 years.  We stopped at the indoor playground (for germs).  She had a blast, but I’m convinced that’s where she picked up this nasty cold.